Instantaneous food temperature reads with exceptional accuracy.

Versid handheld technology revolutionizes temperature acquisition and enterprise management of HACCP compliance and quality assurance for your foodservice operations. Featuring Disney SyncLink™ Technology.

VT-55R TAM: With Record Button

VT-55R Temperature Acquisition Module with record option

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HACCP Compliance

The Versid VT-55 Series TAMs offer industry-standard HACCP data for cooking, cooling, serving, and holding operations—fully integrated with your own menus. Create and maintain electronic paper trails covering multiple temperatures over days, or even months, to facilitate record-keeping, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance.

Temperature Accuracy

Versid TAMs are tested for accuracy to ±0.5°F with NIST certified calibration equipment. Versid’s Certificate of Calibration is available upon request.

Cross Contamination Protection

The sealed water-resistant VT-55 Series TAMs with anti-microbial coating provide exceptional protection against microbial growth, creating an invisible barrier against pathogens.

Your Enterprise Solution

Using secure Bluetooth communications, the VT-55 Series TAMs connect to PCs, mobile devices, and/or networks to synchronize your data with desktop and server based data management systems to create a truly integrated, paperless solution in real time.