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Versid Assure™ is an innovative remote monitoring solution that supports Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliance, energy efficiency, cost savings, and the elimination of unnecessary alerts.

The Versid Assure™ Wireless Remote Monitoring Solution synthesizes state-of-the-art temperature monitoring technologies with real-time reporting, customizable alerts, and corrective actions to help foodservice organizations manage mission-critical systems.

Integrated Time and Target™ technology combines food temperature intelligence with established foodservice sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and HACCP principles to guide foodservice operators to effective action and timing when temperatures slip out of range. Integrated Time and Target™ technology provides time-sensitive instruction on corrective actions, as required by HACCP principles. The actions are based on real-time data and analysis. Time and Target™ incorporates a HACCP-compliant risk management approach to managing food safety hazards. It directly reduces the occurrence of foodborne illness risk factors.

The Versid Assure™ solution empowers managers to evaluate system performance and proactively address maintenance needs and life cycle predictions, preventing costly breakdowns and saving energy costs. Most importantly, real-time Versid Assure™ monitoring systems enable users to make timely interventions, solving problems before they start.

Featured as App of the Month in Foodservice Equipment Reports (September 2014).

Featuring Disney SyncLink™ Technology.

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Versid Assure™

Versid Assure Remote Monitoring

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