Versid Assure™ Revolutionizes the Science of Product Temperature Monitoring

MIAMI, Fla.—Apr. 28, 2015—Versid Assure with patent-pending Time and Target™ product simulation science generates alerts only when there is a documented food safety risk that requires intervention. Time and Target™ product simulation technology determines actual product temperatures—revolutionizing the existing methodology used by today’s remote monitoring systems. Versid monitors equipment temperatures while Time and Target™ interpolates product temperatures by their unique physical properties including moisture content, product mass, bulk density, heat absorption, etc. resulting in improved food safety, staff efficiencies, and zero false alarms.

HACCP-Compliant Procedures

Versid Assure not only eliminates false alarms, it predicts the time it would take a food product to reach an out-of range temperature — and additionally calculates the time required for an out-of-range product to return to a safe holding temperature. With Time and Target™ technology, food safety risks are assessed and controlled through automated HACCP-based corrective actions, actionable within the FDA Food Code for TCS foods in the danger zone of 41°F to 135°F. By addressing out-of-range temperatures within the 4-hour limit, Versid provides the added benefit of eliminating the need to discard food unnecessarily.

Disney SyncLink™ Technology

Versid reporting meets ASHRAE standards and is the only monitoring program featuring Disney SyncLink™ technology. Disney is the world leader in HACCP and Food Safety expertise and has changed the paradigm of temperature monitoring by providing a seamless experience enabling connection of the right information, at the right time and place, to the right person. Disney SyncLink™ methodology enables Versid to integrate Time and Target™ product simulation science with existing legacy platforms. With Disney SyncLink™, Versid and Disney have a platform to share their best practices related to all aspects of safety—including food safety—with organizations throughout the world.

Condition-Based Maintenance

The Time and Target™ technology integrates and interprets data from equipment temperatures, cycle times, and operating parameters, offering analysis of performance and energy efficiency. It proactively identifies maintenance needs, which can prevent costly breakdowns, inventory loss, and unwarranted energy consumption.

In food safety, and in equipment maintenance, Versid solves problems before they start.

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